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Victorian EPA portal and waste tracker mobile app now live

The Victorian EPA’s Waste Tracker system is now live and replaces the Waste Transport Certificate system. Users can no longer create electronic waste transport certificates in the old EPA Interaction Portal. Anyone who handles RPW must use Waste Tracker to report and comply with Victoria’s new environmental laws.

Approximately 500 businesses and thousands of individuals have now signed up to the portal and are successfully moving waste using the system.

If you are not set up to use EPA’s they system, both you and your business will need to get set up in the system as soon as possible. Step-by-step instructions on how to sign up are on their website.

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If you need to move waste urgently and have not successfully signed up to Waste Tracker, we have simple instructions on our website that explain what to do if Waste Tracker isn’t working . This will ensure you can meet your obligations and keep waste moving.

All electronic waste transport certificates within the old EPA Interaction Portal must be closed out by 16 July. Users will still be able to view their waste transport certificates in the old EPA Interaction Portal until December. They will not be migrated to the new system