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New budget’s measures for waste will help increase resource recovery rate

The waste and resource recovery sector will benefit from new funding announced in this week’s federal budget for 2021-22.

National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) CEO Rose Read said it was pleasing to see new funding announced for several initiatives.

“It was good to see new funding being committed to help divert organic food from landfill and importantly, put it back into agricultural soils.

“This is a key step to addressing the National Waste Policy Action Plan target of halving the amount of organic waste being sent to landfill and reaching the 80 per cent resource recovery rate.

“It will also help reduce emissions and extend the life of landfills,” Read said.

The budget allocated additional funds for product stewardship, which Read said was also a good outcome.

“These additional funds mean that the government can put more products on the Minister’s list such as textiles and problematic plastics, implement the outcomes of the Product Stewardship Review, including expanding the scope of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme to include all electronics and electrical equipment, as well as ensuring battery recycling actually happens,” she said.

“There has also been an allocation of funds to help small and medium sized businesses adopt the Australasian Recycling Label, which is essential to clean up the contamination we are seeing in yellow recycling bins.

Read said the announcement of a significant spend on infrastructure should include the mandated use of recycled materials.

“This is a perfect opportunity to start significantly increasing the use of recycled construction materials including concrete, asphalt, glass, plastics and tyres by government specifying recycled materials in all tenders,” she said.