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BINGO remedy odour issues in Western Sydney

BINGO has taken remedies to fix an odour issue at its Eastern Creek landfill facility after complaints from surrounding residents. As soon as the company became aware of the issue, it took several immediate actions, which consisted of:

  • commissioning an odour audit and review to assist in identifying potential sources of odour;
  • commencing additional daily inspections of the landfill, including leachate tanks, to identify any areas of odour; and
  • if areas of odour were identified in the landfill, additional cover, in excess of licence requirements, was applied.

The NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) advised BINGO that two potential sources of odour were identified in the landfill – the leachate riser and vent pipe. The high levels of leachate impacting the leachate riser was the result of a one in a 100-year rain event in March where significant volumes of water entered the landfill, increasing the potential for the production of odour. The landfill accepts inert, non-putrescible waste typically derived from construction and demolition and commercial and industrial sources and does not accept putrescible waste (such as waste in domestic red bins and food waste).  Odour is therefore not a typical issue at our facility, as it may otherwise be for other surrounding facilities.

BINGO took the following immediate actions in consultation with the EPA:

  • to manage any immediate odour within the vicinity of the leachate riser and vent, applied lime to those areas to disperse any potential odour;
  • expanded the scope of the odour audit given feedback on the location of the community complaints from the EPA;
  • commissioned a consultant to undertake a gas assessment (taking samples from the leachate tanks and riser) to determine whether there were specific chemical compounds responsible for the odours detected;
  • significantly reduced the tip face and application of additional cover and further compaction of fill at various locations across landfill; and
  • appointed staff to attend site outside of operating hours to monitor odour.

The company then sealed the gaps or cracks in the riser, added mulch as a bio-filter to both the riser and the vent and applied additional cover.

In addition, it has:

  • applied activated carbon to impacted areas, as advised by our consultants;
  • undertaken leachate riser extension, including waterproofing and leachate pump replacement;
  • commenced an investigation into the effectiveness of an activated carbon filter to fit the leachate riser;
  • undertaken further monitoring and “hot spot” identification;
  • worked with Sydney Water to increase rates of leachate extraction;
  • increased the volume of clean soil we apply across the entire landfill and
  • investigated gas capture and management options.

The company is expediting the installation of new infrastructure to collect and treat landfill gas. This infrastructure will resolve the problem for the long-term.