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WCRA disagrees with Cleanaway on pizzas

A recent report that 53 per cent of Australians wrongly think a pizza box with greasy stains can be recycled or composted is not entirely true, according to the WCRA.

Cleanaway’s Recycling Behaviours Report was discussed by a group of WCRA MRF operators who collectively agreed that the statement is wrong and misleading. Pizza boxes are made from cardboard and will generally always contain a few greasy stains.

However, providing there are no food scraps, the WCRA see no reason as to why these boxes cannot be recycled in the kerbside bin with the yellow lid. A pizza box may have a few greasy stains, but the cardboard will still make great feedstock at the paper mill. In our view, Australians are right to think a pizza box with greasy stains can be recycled.

This view is also supported by the Australian Council of Recyclers who issued a media release on the recyclability of pizza boxes in September 2020 stating “The simple message is: pizza boxes are fully recyclable, but leftover pizza and food scraps ain’t. Eat your crusts, fellow Australians – it’s better for the environment not to leave ‘em in the box”.