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AFL joins CDS bandwagon

VicRecycle has welcomed AFL’s support for the Community (Producer Responsibility) model for the state’s Container Deposit Scheme, joining Scouts Victoria, Netball Victoria, Football Victoria, the Good Friday Appeal in backing benefits for the community.

This model will see AFL clubs be able to receive the maximum benefit from the CDS by being able to take part scheme directly, rather than having to sub-contract to a waste operator.

“The container deposit scheme is a great initiative and the AFL would like the opportunity for our clubs across the community to participate directly,” said Sam Graham, general manager, game development for the AFL. “We’re talking to clubs about whether they might like to take part as refund point operators, as occurs in some other states. The footprints for many of our clubs are quite large and they are closely linked in with local communities. This could be a win for recycling, a win for fans and a win for clubs, particularly local clubs who are the centre of many local communities.”

Under the Community (Producer Responsibility) model in place in WA, QLD and NT, multiple operators run refund points and receive the full 6.5c handling fee per container, in addition to the ten cent refund.

Under the NSW scheme, a single network-operator TOMRA-Cleanaway runs the scheme, with community organisations and charities forced to sub-contract to take part. They receive around 3.5 – 4.5c handling fee per container.

“The difference for the Victorian community is huge,” said VicRecycle Chair Paul Klymenko. “If the Victorian Government goes down the path of the NSW monopoly model, Victorian footy clubs, community organisations and charities will be over $50m a year worse off. What we need in Victoria is a scheme where there is no monopoly, multiple operators are allowed to take part, and they take part directly.That will allow AFL clubs to fully benefit, rather than being forced to subcontract to a waste company that holds a statewide monopoly.”

The AFL joins the Good Friday Appeal, Scouts Victoria, Netball Victoria, YMCA, Football Victoria and The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation in calling for maximum community benefits from the CDS.