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First solar panel recycling facility to be built in Adelaide

Reclaim PV Recycling has committed to a long-term lease in the industrial Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale, South Australia after obtaining development approval to develop its first solar panel recycling facility. The company is also securing environmental licenses to conduct full-scale recycling operations at an initial rate of 70,000 panels per annum and calling out for end-of-life solar panels from anywhere in Australia.

As a result, Reclaim has acquired around 70,000 used PV panels, which the company said in a statement is enough for it to increase processing once the Lonsdale facility is active.

Reclaim PV co-founder Clive Fleming said that securing the Lonsdale site for the company’s first recycling plant was a “significant milestone,” with further facilities to be established in the other metropolitan areas over the next couple of years.

“The establishment of a national recovery and recycling network is an absolute necessity for the PV industry and for Australia, which already has a solar panel disposal challenge on its hands.

“Reclaim PV is committed to providing an end-to-end solution to meet this challenge and to the responsible recovery and recycling of end-of-life solar panels.”

 Fleming added that the company’s broader vision is to act as a “catalyst” to bring government, businesses and consumers together to both create and accelerate the end-to-end recovery and recycling of solar panels. 

“Waste is never waste. It is a resource and we just need to treat it as such,” he said on Tuesday. “This is the key concept of the circular economy – that nothing is wasted and everything is re-used as part of a continuous cycle. But this doesn’t work unless we’re all playing our part.