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Tasmania flags split-responsibility CRS

The Tasmanian Government has revealed its preferred model for a container refund scheme, which would see a 10 cent refund on recycled drink containers and the government tendering for the collection network.
The CRS, set to commence in 2022, will help tackle litter, increase recycling and generate a variety of jobs for locals at a time when the economy has been seriously impacted. 

TOMRA Collection Solutions, scheme technology provider and operator in NSW, QLD, NT and WA, have acknowledged Minister Jaensch and the Government on endorsing the new split-responsibility model. 

TOMRA Collection Solutions Pacific, president Ryan Buzzell said, “This split-responsibility model is a proven way of boosting recycling, reducing litter and creating new jobs in the circular economy. Delivering this scheme design will also provide fantastic fundraising opportunities for Tassie charities, community groups and local sporting clubs.”

Operator incentivised

This model incentivises an independent network operator to achieve the highest return rates possible, meaning more material is secured for reprocessing and less litter ends up in landfill, waterways and urban areas. 

As part of the scheme, a range of important jobs will be brought to communities right across Tasmania and enable fundraising opportunities for sporting clubs, community groups and charities who are in need of additional support. 

 “The split responsibility design maximises recycling by maximising convenience for consumers, that’s the key” TOMRA’s Head of Business Development, Markus Fraval said.

“The best-performing systems around the world work with retail locations to make recycling part of people’s everyday routine. Locating RVMs in shopping centres or supermarket carparks means that instead of needing to make a separate, dedicated trip to an out-of-the-way depot to return your containers, you can simply drop off your empty bottles and cans on your way into the shops.”

“Throughout the design process, the Tasmanian Government have shown an impressive commitment to a convenient, best-practice CRS,” Fraval added. “Minister Jaensch has focused on boosting recycling, creating jobs and helping the community and today’s announcement clearly reflects that.”