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Flow-Easy vibrators benefit vacuum tanker operators

For operators who are carting dry, dusty material or sticky, wet slurry, a Flow-Easy vibrator will speed up the vacuum tanker unloading process and provide an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge.
Distributor Melbourne-based Enmin told Inside Waste that the Flow-Easy vibrators were previously marketed under the Enmin brand but have recently been re-branded Flow-Easy.

For many years Flow-Easy vibrators have been used extensively in the bulk transport industry speeding up the unloading process of bulk products such as fertiliser, manure, stock feed, grains and sands. Flow-Easy vibrators provide numerous benefits that improve productivity, driver and truck safety, lower fuel and maintenance costs and reduced wear and tear on both truck and trailer.

When Flow Easy vibrators are used on a Vacuum truck, operators experience the same benefits including lower tipping elevation, less waste build up, in turn lowering fuel and clean out costs.

“The vibrators also offer some exclusive advantages to vacuum tanker operators including some significant safety benefits,” Enmin general manager, Anthony Gallaher said.

A vibrator will minimise the risk of exposure. More often than not, waste products are contaminated and can present significant health and biological risks to an operator and the environment. A Flow-Easy vibrator breaks up and aids discharge in a safe and controlled manner, thereby reducing operator exposure.

A reduction in confined space access is another safety benefit. As with any accessible waste tank a vacuum truck tank is classed as a confined space. A flow Easy vibrator breaks down and fluidises compacted material, discharging a full load each cycle, therefore eliminating the need for regular confined space entry.

With 12 or 24 Volt DC and hydraulic models available, a Flow-Easy vibrator is easy to install with minimal modifications required. Pneumatically powered options are also available for use on filtration and dust collection units.

“Under normal operating conditions the vibrator will outlast a vacuum tank and can be retrofitted onto new or existing assets as required,” Gallaher added. “No matter what you’re carting a Flow-Easy vibrator will ensure you spend less time unloading and more time making money whilst minimising WHS risks,” Gallaher concluded.

In addition to the truck vibrators, Enmin also has an extensive range of Industrial vibrators to suit any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of industries such as agriculture, mining, quarrying, recycling, ports and terminals.