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Councillor calls for solar compactor bin trial

In a world heritage area such as Katoomba in the NSW Blue Mountains, adequate waste collection would be expected to be seamless. But the bins in the streets of the historic town are overflowing most weekends and are presently being propped up by domestic red bins.
Now Cr Kerry Brown, who has described the situation as “awful”, wants the council to introduce recycling bins and solar powered compactor bins, and will ask at the January 27 council meeting that the council receives a report on the merits of trialling these bins initially in Katoomba and then throughout other Blue Mountain towns.

She has pointed to the presence of recycling bins in public spaces from Penrith to Balmoral Beach and said that Katoomba which promotes ecotourism, needs to act quickly.

“Recycling bins would expand public education by further normalising recycling. It will also help reduce landfill, thereby extending the life of Blaxland Waste Management Facility and reducing costs to ratepayers,” she told the local media.

Funding can offset investment

Brown wants solar compactor bins to be installed at around $10,000 each, an amount that could be offset with grant funding. The solar compactor bins can be used for recycling and general waste and reduce collections by up to 80 per cent, and due to their sealed, mailxbox-style, are not accessible to birds and other wildlife.

A bin set contains one bin for recyclable items and the other for garbage that is compacted before being sent to landfill. Using the solar compactor bins means they only require emptying daily, instead of two to three times a day.