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ACT approves Fyshwick fragmentiser

Access Recycling’s proposal to upgrade its scrap metal operation in Fyshwick has been approved by the ACT Planning Authority.

This comes despite community groups which opposed the upgrade, claiming that it would have detrimental environmental and health effects, particularly from a fragmentiser that will shred whole cars in the open air near Fyshwick businesses and several hundred metres from homes.

The notice of decision includes conditions to contain the amount of waste processed to 30 kilotonnes a year and minimise noise impacts. The Authority said that it accepted assessments from the Environmental Protection Authority and the ACT Health Protection Service added that the company’s mitigation strategies would contain emissions and dust impacts to safe levels.

The air quality at the Lithgow Street site will also be regularly monitored to confirm that emissions are at safe levels, reporting to the EPA.

The shredders will be set back 15 metres from the site boundary and a soundproofing acoustic hood will be installed to contain the noise from one of the processors.

The proposal was one of a number of waste proposals with the Fyshwick Business Association, and inner south community groups, that argued waste processing was now incompatible with a changing Fyshwick and its proximity to new residential development.