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Veolia CEO sees optimistic 2021

Veolia Australia and New Zealand CEO Richard Kirkman arrived from the UK business in the second half of 2020 following what the company has described as “a difficult year with devastating bushfires in Australia and then the global pandemic.”

However, Veolia told Inside Waste that it is now re-energising for a positive and impactful year ahead.  “And on track to widen the scope of essential services in waste, energy and water, to provide resilient and sustainable solutions to businesses and local communities, and to plan for much needed recovery infrastructure.”

With the appropriate policy support and signals from the federal and state governments, and the community appetite to do more, Veolia said it believes that this is an exciting time to be in our industry to drive change for a truly circular economy.

Meanwhile, drawing upon lessons learnt globally, Kirkman said that systemic change is needed to value materials more, that attitudes and education is paramount, and that we all need to innovate our way forward.

“I’m impressed by the talent running deep within the Veolia ANZ teams and so I am very positive about the future – we can go anywhere we want with capable motivated people.  Australia and New Zealand have a fantastic opportunity to deliver environmental change, which will allow human activities and the economy to prosper. I am on the lookout for creative ways we can recover valuable materials, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and give our people an opportunity for an exhilarating career. There is much to do and many capable people ready to do it.”