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Chemistry Australia and CSIRO determined to end plastic waste

Chemistry Australia and its Plastics Stewardship Australia initiative have partnered with CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, to “transform plastic waste in Australia”.

According to the CSIRO, its Plastic Mission is leveraging science and technology to inform and develop a range of solutions to prevent plastic waste entering our environment, while changing the way we use, re-use and recycle end of life plastics.

Chemistry Australia director of Strategy, Energy and Research, Peter Bury, said the Association and its members from across the plastics raw material industry, packaging industry and broader supply chain

Considered the partnership an opportunity for strategic, national collaboration.

“As an industry, we support the sustainable use and recovery of plastics and we are keen to contribute our capability in polymer science, engineering, manufacturing and market development to the solutions developed through CSIRO’s Plastics Mission.”

Collaborative partnerships critical

CSIRO principal research scientist Dr Denise Hardesty said collaborative partnerships across the plastics supply chain will be critical to the success of the Mission.

“Working together with Chemistry Australia on initiatives to support the sustainable use and recovery of plastics is central to our Mission tackling one of Australia’s greatest challenges, and we are excited about growing this Mission together,” she said.

 Plastics Stewardship Australia

Plastics Stewardship Australia, an initiative of Chemistry Australia, has been established to support the sustainable use and recovery of plastics.

Chemistry Australia represents plastics raw material producers, importers, distributors, processors and manufacturers, compounders, recyclers and research organisations.  Members of Plastics Stewardship Australia include 3M Australia, BASF Australia, Dow Australia, General Polymers, LyondellBasell Australia, Qenos and SUEZ Recycling and Recovery.

Plastics Stewardship Australia has stated that it will promote the sustainable use and recovery of plastic resources by:

  • Helping designers and manufacturers use plastics to achieve United Nations Sustainability Goals
  • Strengthening uptake of Operation Clean Sweep® to keep plastic pellets out of our oceans and waterways
  • Supporting increased recovery of plastic products at end of life
  • Providing knowledge, information and resources on the new Plastics Stewardship Australia