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Circular economy builds under 2025 strategy

Under the Circular Economy pillar of its  2025 strategy,  Officeworks has said it’s becoming a zero-waste business and will work towards repairing, repurposing, recycling 17,000 tonnes of unwanted products.

The progress of its 2020 plan has resulted in the retailer contributing a total of $18.5m to our local communities, recycling 86 per cent of its waste (up from 63 per cent in 2015) and reach FSC certification or 100 per cent recycled paper for 90 per cent of all paper products sold, up from 37 per cent.

The Circular Economy pillar is one of six pillars within the new strategy which has a series of 18 commitments aimed at supporting its team, enhancing connections to local communities, reducing environmental impact and sourcing products in sustainable and responsible ways. The commitments are: Community, Our Team, Human Rights, Climate Action, Circular Economy and Sustainable Purchases.

Officeworks managing director, Sarah Hunter, said, ‘‘This year, we completed our first Positive Difference Plan and together with our customers, team, suppliers and partners we achieved positive progress but we know there is so much more to do.

“Our 2025 plan has been integrated throughout our business, demonstrated by the breadth of our commitments. It’s critical to our future success and delivering sustainable growth over the long-term. For us, these commitments exist not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because they are good for business.

“Developed in consultation with our team, partners and key stakeholders, we’ve set out ambitious commitments to ensure we put people and the planet at the heart of our decision making, making a positive difference this year and for years to come,” she said.

Climate Action commitments

Committed to taking meaningful climate action, by 2025, Officeworks will only use renewable electricity to power operations, as part of the roadmap to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. Greenhouse gas emissions caused from electricity generation are a known key contributor to global warming, making up more than 30 per cent of global emissions.

To achieve this 2025 commitment, Officeworks will be installing solar panels on 80 stores over the coming years and exploring other ways to increase renewable energy usage.

Over the past five years, Officeworks has successfully reduced energy emissions by 26 per cent. This was done through installing more energy efficient LED lighting – 99 per cent of stores now have LED lighting on the shop floor – and building energy management systems, which monitor and regulate our energy usage.