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Program reduces business packaging waste

As Victoria overhauls its recycling system, 17 organisations will now share in more than $560,000 through its Investment Support Grants.

The Investment Support Grants – Packaging program allows small to medium sized businesses, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to invest in projects that reduce, recover and reuse packaging materials such as plastics, paper and cardboard.

In addition to reducing packaging, the Government also announced the investment of $1.7 million in grants in 12 projects to improve the collection, storage and reprocessing of e-waste across the state.

This will create 37 new jobs, divert 6,600 tonnes of e-plastics from landfill per year and increase e-waste reprocessing capacity by an additional 13,250 tonnes annually – the equivalent to over 900,000 LCV TVs.

Happy Planet Toys, a family-owned business which manufactures a fully recyclable toy product made from recycled milk bottles is the has received  $35,000 from the program.

Minister for Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio said, “We are overhauling Victoria’s recycling system. These packaging and e-waste grants are a small part of Victoria’s recycling revolution.”

“We are helping businesses to reduce packaging, to give new life to our waste, and reduce the impact of disposable packaging on our environment.”

“Projects like these make it easier for e-waste to be disposed of safely, so it doesn’t end up in landfill.”

Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) executive officer Alex Serpo told Inside Waste that the industry welcomed this levy investment on behalf of Minister D’Ambrosio, with these funds helping to create more jobs, and less waste.

“As Victoria’s levies continue to rise, it is critical we continue to invest the MILL back into industry to create more jobs, cut waste and protect Victoria’s precious environment,” he said.

The Government’s ban on e-waste to landfill in July 2019 paved the way for electronic items to be safely disposed of, reducing the harm these items have on the environment and human health and ensuring valuable resources from discarded electronic goods don’t go to waste.

Earlier this year, the Government announced Recycling Victoria: A new economy – an action plan for waste and recycling, with an investment of more than $300 million to transform the state’s recycling sector, create thousands of jobs and set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.