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Bucher Municipal acquires Spoutvac

Bucher Municipal, a division of Bucher Industries, is acquiring the leading Australian manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment and accessories.

Spoutvac is the largest purpose-built manufacturer of industrial sewer and drain cleaning trucks and hydro excavation units as well as distributor of equipment and accessories in Australia. With over 30 years in the industry, Spoutvac has maintained a solid growth path in the development and manufacture of their products giving them world-wide recognition.

The company is also known for some of its great existing commercial partners such as Kroll, RSP, PTC and Minicam which will that those will continue under the Bucher ownership.

Investment into Bendigo

Bucher Municipal has committed to purchasing the existing Spoutvac land and grow the manufacturing facilities in Bendigo East and said in a statement that it will build upon its philosophy of investing into Australian manufacturing.

The division will integrate the entire operational business of Spoutvac into its organisation in Australia and offer employment to all the existing 35 employees.

With the current management team remaining in place and the business location staying in Bendigo, the company said that continuity was ensured for customers, suppliers and employees.

As a result, it intends to better serve customers by offering them the full product portfolio through one of its six national Customer Service Centres.