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A carbonator that reduces wood debris by up to 95 per cent

The Tigercat 6050 Carbonator, a machine which reduces wood debris volume onsite through an environmentally friendly carbon sequestration process with no material pre-processing required, has been released onto the Australian market.

The Tigercat brand is known within the logging industry for its extreme-duty purpose-built forestry equipment. The 6050 Carbonator reduces logs, limbs, brush, stumps, yard waste, pallets, clean lumber and other clean wood-based debris by 90-95 per cent, according to the company.

The remaining carbon-based output – often referred to as biochar – sequesters the captured carbon.

Local distribution

Tigercat is distributed in Australia by Onetrak and managing director David Hazell, said that this carbonisation process represented the lowest carbon footprint of any material reduction method due to no resulting organic decay, along with the associated release of greenhouse gasses.

Wood debris at high throughput rates can be efficiently processed by the 6050. Under air and over-air fans create optimal conditions to maximize carbon content in the output.

The 6050 is equipped with replaceable thermo-ceramic panels rated to 1 650°C (3,000°F). A quenching system cools the end product to near ambient temperatures for handling, while further improving the quality of the carbon-based output. An optional conveyor system is available for output collection.

The 6050 carbonator is operator friendly with full remote control for all functions including machine travel. A live stream video monitoring system provides full visibility for easy feeding.

The Tigercat 6050 carbonator can be used for a variety of different applications including forestry and land clearing, construction and demolition, agriculture, and primary and secondary mill residue.

Hazell said that the company has secured an order for the first unit scheduled to arrive into Australia in November 2020.

“Environmentally sensitive ways to manage wood residue and convert to a high value product like Biochar is a sensible and commercial alternative to burning these products to the atmosphere or landfill,” he said.

Tigercat Australia & New Zealand district manager Glen Marley added, “Tigercat is a truly customer focused supplier with a team of four Tigercat employed factory support people based here in Australia.”