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WMRR and GISA pave the way for Buy Recycled expo

In a move to lift awareness around buying and creating goods made from recycled content, the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), has partnered with Green Industries SA (GISA).

The alliance is expected to pave the way forward for the GISA 2020 Buy Recycled expo, aimed at connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain. The expo will be held from October 28-29 at the Adelaide Convention Centre and will also include panel discussions led by the waste and resource recovery industry.

The expo will be held alongside WMRR’s SA Waste & Resource Recovery Conference, this year aptly themed ‘outside the square, inside the circle’.

Appetite for reuse

According to WMRR CEO, Gayle Sloan, there is an “appetite” to use Australian recycled materials in domestic manufacturing and construction.

“There already exists many waste and resource recovery industry players that have taken the leap and have proven that there are viable and high-quality secondary alternatives to virgin materials.

“WMRR wants to drive Australia forward in walking the talk and this expo will play a key role in connecting these players,” she explained.

Sloan believes that Australia is at a “tipping point” as it faces down the dilemma of continued extraction and use of virgin materials once and the disposal of them when they are no longer required, and the alternative of realising value in the extracted resources and design and reuse them repeatedly.

She said that the latter choice will create secondary manufacturing opportunities and new real jobs in manufacturing in Australia.

Free expo

“The two-day expo is free to all exhibitors and visitors, so I’d encourage everyone in the supply chain, whether you’re involved in manufacturing, project management, engineering and construction, government policy, remanufacturing, or reprocessing to exhibit or attend to both build your knowledge and network.

“Together, we can grow domestic remanufacturing and markets, which as we all know, will lead to job and economic growth and secure a more sustainable future for our country,” Sloan added.

WMRR is now calling for expressions of interest from exhibitors interested in showcasing their technologies as well as products made of recycled content.

Submissions close on Friday, September 4 2020 and WMRR advises that EOIs will be reviewed and selected based on merit.