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Recycle It Saturday: more than a trip to the tip

As the amount of discarded household goods during COVID increases, the City of Sydney is holding its biggest ever recycling drop-off event next month.

The rollout of Recycle It Saturday, will be on September 5 and the aim is to boost the recycling of worn-out clothes or polystyrene item where there is often confusion in the mind of the public.

At this event, clothes and shoes, polystyrene, electronics, light bulbs, soft plastics, paint, gas bottles, cardboard, large garden waste, CDs and DVDs, household batteries and x-rays can be left for recycling, giving the residents a greater peace of mind.

A statement by the City is encouraging residents to participate to help create a circular economy.

“Every item they drop off is a valuable resource diverted from landfill that can be given a second life. So residents can feel good about getting rid of their unwanted things,” the statement said.

Recycle It Saturday will be a quarterly event and contactless.

To ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities, physical distancing measures will be in place and our team will be wearing masks and gloves. We’ll record your details for contact tracing. If you’re unwell, stay home,” the City advised.

They are also asking for the items to be separated into different bags, buckets or boxes.  These need to be packed into the boot, backseat or trailer so they can be quickly and safely removed.

Residents also need to stay in their vehicle and the team will show you where to drive and will unpack the vehicle. By staying in your vehicle, you’re helping reduce the spread of germs, and we’ll help you get on your way faster.

Meanwhile, cycle or walk up donations can be accessed accessed by a separate drop-off area.