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Equipment News: Boschung Urban S2.0 Sweeper cuts emissions to ZERO

The Urban-Sweeper S2.0 engineered by Swiss manufacturer Boschung is the company’s only fully electric sweeper and is ready now for demonstrations in Australia.

Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Garwood International, the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 has been described as street-smart, intuitive, compact and specifically engineered and designed for maximum performance in urban landscapes. Garwood International national technical manager, Reece McCrystal returned earlier this year from a training session on the machine at Boschung head office in Switzerland

McCrystal told Inside Waste that the primary reason for the trip was to acquaint himself with features and functions of the Urban-Sweeper firsthand. Until now, Garwood has distributed its range of diesel machines to the market, the Boschung S2.

“It’s the first fully electric sweeper that we have been able to offer the waste industry. We really believe that it will take productivity, efficiency and reduced running costs to the next level. While having zero exhaust emissions and less noise throughout our cities and neighbourhoods. It’s a real game changer,” he said.

Intelligent battery system

At the heart of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 is the battery, described by the manufacturer as a powerful muscle that keeps the vehicle moving, and whose performance determines the efficiency of the sweeper. Innovative materials and design help optimize the battery’s capacity, durability and safety, contributing to optimised performance.

“One of the major features of the battery, is its ability to deliver an entire eight-hour work shift on at a charging rate of two hours with the supercharger or eight hours with the standard charger,” McCrystal said.

The 54.4 kWh lithium-ion battery has 12 modules and a total of 4,320 cells which are integrated directly under the waste hopper compartment. This provides energy to the powertrain with two all-electric front wheel engines, two all-electric broom engines and the all-electric turbine.

According to McCrystal, this is the best power to weight ratio electric sweeper on the global market.

Safety guaranteed

24 temperature sensors constantly monitor the battery to ensure battery protection under load, reducing the need for active battery cooling. The dedicated battery management system will also monitor cell balancing, and prevent total discharge or over- charging to occur. This is to optimize the battery’s capacity, durability, lifespan and safety.

The Urban-Sweeper battery has a standard limited warranty of three years or 2,500 hours. The machine also comes equipped with the charge-on-the-go function and choice of on-board charger or universal charging station (type 2) compatibilities.

“The machine is also equipped with regenerative charging which enables it to harvest kinetic energy during braking or free rolling and store it back into the battery. The universal Type 2 charge port makes it easy to find and charge at charge stations throughout our cities,” McCrystal said.


Lighter and narrower

It weighs in at just 2.3 tons making it one tonne lighter and, at 1.15m, 15cm narrower than sweepers in the same class.

According to McCrystal, the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 was designed with efficiency and technological advances top of mind.

“It provides an exceptionally light weight and narrow width for maximum reach and suction performance. Urban-Sweeper can fit into the narrowest streets while providing maximum performance. The chassis is made out of a high resistant metal, enabling the sweeper to hold a total gross weight of 3,500 kg or 1200kgs payload,” McCrystal explained.

The Boschung comes equipped with on-board GPS, this can provide the management with up to the minute machine location, vehicle speed and sweep path history.

Waste absorption

The sweeping reach of 2300mm, the Urban-Sweeper’s width can also be enlarged by adding a 3rd brush in the front. There is a suction mouth covering the full width between the brushes with a hydraulic activated large debris flap and heavy-duty castor wheels.

The Urban-Sweeper was initially launched in Europe in 2108 and is now in use in the cities of London (6), Berlin (40), Nottingham (8) and Gatwick airport (1).

Garwood had intended to exhibit the Urban-Sweeper at the Waste 2020 Conference in May, however following the cancellation of the conference due to COVID-19, McCrystal said he was now arranging one-on-one meetings with prospective customers in lieu of the exhibition.