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Equipment News: High-end rear loader fit for any purpose

Bucher Municipal’s rear loader, the UrBin RL60, has been positioned to offer the best package for its customers. More versatile than ever before, the RL60 is lighter, narrower and lower in height than any other rear loader in the market.

Narrow access roads, jam-packed driveways and multi-unit dwellings (MUD’s) require agile refuse collectors with precise manoeuvrability capabilities. The cutting edge UrBin RL60 is ideal not only due to its low height and narrow body design, but also for its raised hopper bowl allowing access in and out of steep driveways without compromising capacity or manoeuvrability.

Versatile and efficient

The RL60 brings versatility to day-to-day disposal tasks, delivering even more transport capacity. Driven by a more environmentally friendly vehicle, the UrBin RL60 places less strain onto local infrastructure, playing its part in reducing emissions and on-going road maintenance. With an optimised body length, the RL60 reduces expensive chassis modifications, guaranteeing a high level of vehicle utilisation for the operator while also providing municipalities with an improved return on their procurement costs.

The rear loader can be used across multiple applications without any limitations. Its unmatched productivity sees the RL60 offer less down time for maintenance and higher payloads; on-board safety features such as integrated reversing camera, reversing lights, alarm and improved Bucher hydraulic system.

Improved ergonomics

Additionally, the fully integrated Bucher control system continuously monitors the vehicle for emergencies and faults, its improved in-cab layout provides better ergonomics for the driver and its larger all-in- one screen, provides better visibility.

Bucher Municipal vehicles for commercial or domestic waste collection deliver the best solution for business, and the environment.

Bucher Municipal’s product range is built on the company’s reputation for innovation, while playing a major role in maintaining the its position as a leading manufacturer and supplier for collection, compaction and sweeping equipment both throughout Australia and internationally.