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Government wants industry and state collaboration on waste export solution

The WARR industry and state and territory governments have until July 31 to submit collaborative project proposals to the federal government for a national solution for local mixed-paper recycling.

The request is part of the national response to the COAG export ban on waste which will see Australian exports of around 375,000 tonnes of mixed wastepaper and cardboard for recycling each year stop by mid-2024.

The government is clear that Australia needs to build its local recycling capability and this invitation to states and territories to partner with industry (and other states) for new paper processing facilities is a call for action.

Government contributing a third of cost

Government funding will be capped at one-third of the total cost for any project and must be at least matched by state or territory government funding, with the remaining funds provided by the private sector.

The successful project proposals will address:

  • national pressures,
  • achieve value for money,
  • promote competition,
  • leverage industry co-contributions.

Focus on regions

Joint proposals by more than one jurisdiction are also welcome along with those including research and innovation into alternative uses for recovered paper, particularly in regional areas where value-added products and jobs can be generated within communities.

These might include innovative solutions for regional and remote areas to manage mixed paper. Solutions might include micro paper mills, composting facilities, creating building insulation or creating soil conditioners for agriculture, forestry and landscaping.