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WMRR readies for a strong year ahead

WMRR recently held its 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) welcoming its 2020-2022 Board of Directors. National president, Garth Lamb, told the meeting that, “Over recent years, our sector has had to deal with structural changes in recycling markets, has been battered through media headlines, and has had to find ways to keep delivering essential services through various challenges, including natural disasters and some woeful policy decisions.”

However, Lamb added that 2020 will be the industry’s “comeback year” and he is glad members are highly engaged with WMRR.

“We’ve worked hard, harnessing this new-found attention and channelling it towards achieving positive outcomes. These last 12 months will surely be remembered as a period of great progress, where the federal government started to engage with the sector, and where we started to see a coordinated effort to deliver on some of the changes we’ve been crying out for.

In 2019-20, we’ve seen the start of some very significant action, including the COAG Waste Export bans. WMRR has been in the midst of the action, working closely with each jurisdiction and the federal government to shape and steer various efforts underway,” he added.

New members

Lamb also introduced members to the 2020-2022 Board of Directors, welcoming three new directors and confirming four current directors who had re-nominated for a further two-year term.

WMRR received five applications for the nominated director role, four for vice president, and five for the elected director position. A vote was held in early May and more than 250 members answered the call, voting on their elected director, Toby Terlet, Veolia project director – waste to energy, and vice president, Mark Rawson, Rawtec managing director. Meanwhile, Dr Georgina Davis, Kim Glassborow, Tim Youe, and Mike Ritchie, were returned to the Board, which also welcomed a new skills director, Blue Environment managing director, Christine Wardle.

According to WMRR CEO, Gayle Sloan, the association can only do what it does because of the skills, time, and efforts of its members who drive its actions and objectives.

“We would like to thank our members and directors who have voluntarily contributed their time and expertise to propel our Association and our essential industry forward.

“We also welcome back all our PEAK and re-nominated directors and congratulate and extend a warm welcome to all new nominated and elected directors, for what will no doubt be an interesting two years with no lack of action,” Sloan added.  

Lamb also thanked outgoing national vice president Mr Adam Faulkner, who had served two consecutive terms, and director Jade Barnaby, for their commitment to WMRR and the industry.

“Adam was elected in 2016 by members and he has been a tireless and effective advocate for the sector. Thank you for the leadership that you display in your day job and in the Association,” Lamb said.

“And it’s a sad farewell to Jade; your time and energy are greatly appreciated.”