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Industry advances towards accreditation scheme

The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association (WMRR) has invited industry stakeholders to help create the framework for an accreditation scheme by participating in a survey. It is designed to help the association move to the next stage of development.

The development of the WMRR Board-approved accreditation scheme began in December 2019 with the aim of providing an opportunity for worker within the essential waste and resource recovery (WARR) sector to be recognised for their skills and knowledge.
According to WMRR, the WARR industry has undergone significant change resulting in a broad and diverse range of professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Numerous industries and associations both in Australia and globally offer accreditation schemes and processes for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Early research has shown that a WARR industry accreditation scheme has broad support. Accreditation schemes have clearly shown to enhance community confidence in industry, provide defined career pathways, and allow for continued articulation of best practice. The intention of an accreditation scheme is to recognise the skills, knowledge and experience of those eligible for accreditation and provide stakeholders with an assurance that those accredited do have these minimum attributes.
WMRR has revealed that research undertaken to date indicates that such a scheme would be based on:

  • Either a certain number of years of experience and/or a formal qualification,
  • A requirement to achieve a certain number of CPD per annum to retain accreditation,
  • A formal application process,
  • The provision of training programs to assist in achieving accreditation,
  • Training programs that focus on core WARR elements as well as other areas than the technical aspect of the profession (e.g. project management).