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WA’s Container Deposit Scheme ready for October lift-off

Western Australia’s container deposit scheme will now commence on October 1, after a delay due to COVID-19 with funding available from June 2 until scheme commencement.

A financial assistance package of up to $3.5 million has been offered to support network participants financially impacted by deferral of the scheme. This will ensure they remain viable until scheme commencement. It will also ensure sustainability of the collection network.

In preparation for the scheme, participants had made financial commitments such as taking on leases, staff and technology to support their operations.

500 jobs created

The WA government has estimated that more than 500 jobs will be created at refund points across the State, including hundreds of jobs to be targeted at employing people with disability, the long-term unemployed and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as opportunities for apprentices and trainees.

Containers for Change will allow Western Australians to claim a 10-cent refund when they return eligible beverage containers at designated refund points across the State.

According to environment minister Stephen Dawson, “The scheme’s launch date had to be delayed due to COVID-19, a decision that was supported by the community and the scheme co-ordinator, and public health advice.

“An October launch date strikes the right balance between keeping people safe and ensuring the sustainability of the network,” he said.

WMRR CEO Gayle Sloan said that the  CDS is also an important part in the COAG waste export bans puzzle, as plastic that flows through the scheme are amongst those that will impacted when the bans are implemented.

“The impending bans and CDS present an opportunity to grow WA’s domestic remanufacturing capacity. Industry looks forward to continued engagement with the state government to deliver the needed policies and infrastructure, embed procurement of recycled materials, and develop end markets; all of which inevitably spell even more jobs and investment in WA,”  Sloan added.