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SA government moves to ban single use plastics

The South Australian Boomerang Alliance of 51 community organisations says that the first move by an Australian government to introduce a law to ban polluting single-use plastic takeaway items is encouraging.

The items include plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery as well as polystyrene, cups, bowls and containers.

According to Alliance director Jeff Angel, “Other states and territories can now follow the South Australian example. Both the ACT and Queensland plan similar legislation, and NSW is currently seeking public views on a plastics ban. Victoria is yet to move,” he said.

“We expect to see a noticeable reduction in plastic litter and waste and less plastic pollution of the ocean as a result.”

Most littered items
Angel added that, these banned items (along with coffee cups and lids, other cups and heavyweight plastic bags) are amongst the most littered items found in South Australia, and they all have a better alternative.

The for change from single use plastic takeaway is overwhelmingly supported in the community as a recent IPSOS International poll in 2019 (Throwaway World) reported. According to IPSOS 69% of Australians favoured a ban on single-use plastics, and as soon as possible.

“As the Boomerang Alliance’s Plastic Free Places program is demonstrating, cafes and food outlets want to do the right thing and are able to switch away from these single use plastics.

“For instance, our analysis shows that simply removing straws from the counter reduces use by over 80%,” Angel said.

He added that the PFP program offered a service that allowed cafes to easily transition away from single-use plastics. To date, the program which operates in seven locations around the country has over 350 participating cafes and has eliminated over five million single-use plastic items.’