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Four-year Award review now complete

The Fair Work Commission has finished its 4-yearly review of the Waste Management Award 2010. As a result, from May 4, 2020, the updated Award will be known as the Waste Management Award 2020.

According to Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) executive director Tony Khoury, the amendments to the Award were primarily structural in nature or related to incorporating “plain English” terminology. Schedule A of the new Award incorporates information that was previously contained in a separate document (the FWO Pay & Conditions Guide).

According to Khoury, whilst no significant changes were made to employee entitlements or employer obligations, WCRA recommends that waste management organisations download a copy of this new Award and familiarise themselves with it.

“This industry award covers employers throughout Australia that operate in the waste management industry and their employees,” he said.

Extract from the Award
The waste management industry means the collection, transportation, handling, recycling and disposal of any waste material whatsoever (be it solid or liquid, organic, biological, medical, raw or natural, wholly or partly manufactured, decomposed or partly decomposed or in any other state or form and including all domestic, trade and industrial waste) and includes the operation of transfer stations, landfill sites, incinerators, recycling depots, yards or terminals, treatment plants, compost facilities, alternative waste treatment facilities and the operation of other facilities of the same kind.