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Bucher Municipal expands and develops

Bucher Municipal opened its new Marsden Park facility in Sydney in April 2020. This 19,000m2 purpose-built facility is an expansion of its local and well recognised manufacturing capabilities.
This state-of-the-art paint facility will also accommodate refuse, vacuum and sweepers vehicles. 2,400m2 of Bucher Municipal’s new facility, will allocate fast parts supply and a guaranteed 24-hour emergency support 365 days a year. Along with this new operational facility, Bucher Municipal also has 19 service vehicles on its portfolio and 80 dedicated industry specialist on site to provide the best class in service and support for its customers.
Bucher Municipal’s general manager for sales, Luke Aitken, told Inside Waste that continued manufacturing investment from Bucher Municipal in Australia was a priority for the organisation.

Electric vehicle focus
“As more electric vehicles appear in the Australian marketplace during 2020, a focus would be placed on launching its electric vehicles,” Aitken explained. He said that Bucher Municipal was currently undergoing an extensive testing and demonstration program of an electric rear loader with its business partners CMI Hino and SEA Electric.

As a result, the company would begin rolling out its medium rear loader, the Bucher UrBin 11e. This UrBin 11e is built on a Hino FE 1426 platform with an all-electric SEA-Drive® 120b powertrain from SEA Electric Pty Ltd. This state-of-the-art truck produces 250Kw of power and an extraordinary 2500Nm of torque.
This 100% electric vehicle provides substantial running cost savings, zero emissions and quiet operation, critical features which make it ideal for residential and CBD collection. The UrBin 11e has up to 11 hours running time on a single charge with a 14T GVM chassis providing up to 5t payload. It fully charges in 8 hours with an optional quick charge in less than 2 hours.

Bucher Municipal also plans to release its electric compact sweeper towards the end of 2020, CityCat V20e.
The CityCat V20e is Bucher Municipal’s new all-electric compact sweeper. It utilises a custom-designed 63 kWh Lithium Ion battery pack with the capacity to last a full 8 hour shift. Powerful, yet considerate to its surroundings, the CityCat V20e can also be used around the clock due to its low noise emissions and quick charging options.
• 63 kwh Lithium Ion battery pack providing 8 hours of operation
• Charge time 2-3 hours
• Additional fast charging options are available
• 1.8t payload

Unparalleled suction performance
The CityCat V20e suction system has been designed to maximise performance and minimise blockages, producing optimal sweeping results, regardless of the surface. It has also has been developed for comfort and safety, combined with improved suspension, soft touch steering wheel and completely redesigned control systems, the CityCat V20e offers the best operator experience.

The carefully designed cab gives the CityCat V20e unbeatable visibility, resulting in additional safety for the driver and public.
Focusing on sustainability, Bucher Industries develops and manufactures machinery and equipment geared towards meeting fundamental human needs with technological, economic and environmental benefits.

The technology of Bucher Municipal’s custom-designed battery pack is specifically designed to CityCat V20e vehicle. This technology proves reduction of environmental footprint and provides low noise emissions, a maximum sweeping efficiency and lower ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO).