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Survey reveals challenges and impacts as WARR industry adjusts to different landscape

In its latest members update, the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association (WMRR) has acknowledged those who participated in its survey for providing an on-the-ground update of the services and operations that have been impacted and the challenges they are currently facing.
Amongst the responses WMRR said that it there were many similar challenges and impacts including:

  • The implementation and/or consideration of facility closures and service deferment, particularly in areas such as hard waste collections, bin inspections, waste education programs, and public facing sites.
  • Changes in operational practices to comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements, including staggered collection times, changes in operation and opening times, and additional cleaning of sites and equipment.
  • Potential increase in stockpiling of materials such as OCC, plastic, and steel bound for export; offtake of glass sand for domestic civil works slowing down.
  • Enhanced contingency and business continuity planning.
  • A move to online services where possible, such as education.

“The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and WMRR is being advised of a drop in C&I volumes and a commensurate increase in MSW and household recycling due to a greater proportion of the population self-isolating and working from home, WMRR CEO Gayle Sloan explained.

She added that the survey will remain open and WMRR is encouraging the industry to continue providing feedback.

Feedback to government

As WMRR is also involved in weekly meetings with different federal, state and territory government representatives, including across the planning and environment portfolios and the association is seeking feedback to also present at these meetings, specifically:

  1. What are the tangible impacts that are affecting you the most at this time?
  2. Please detail changes to your waste stream yields and stockpile volumes.
  3. What supply chain equipment and material are you struggling to purchase?
  4. What are your immediate needs to ensure a continuation of operations and services?

Responses can be emailed to and WMRR states that any information you provide will remain anonymous.