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May industry conference finds revival on Zoom

The annual Waste 2020 Conference which was scheduled for the first week of May in Coffs Harbour, has been re-engineered into a series of webinars.

Conference organisers Impact Environmental Consulting (IEC) have been working with the Waste Management & Resource Recovery Association (WMRR) to develop a weekly webinar series. According to IEC the aim is to keep the industry informed and up-to-date by using digital video tools. A selection of the content from the conference will be streamed live using the Zoom platform which is already being used by WMRR for its member sessions.

Conference and Exhibition Director Connie Button, told Inside Waste the organisation has received around 75 responses, indicating a strong interest from participants towards engaging in a selection of online paid webinars.

“We have also had direct contact from a range of delegates encouraging us to take the step and utilise the content that was already prepared for the conference,” Button explained.

She added that, the key benefits for participants are up-to-date information and perspectives on 12 key topic areas drawn from the Conference program as well as an opportunity to participate in a Q&A format.

“We considered it better to ‘drip feed’ the information over a longer period of time, rather than provide in in a condensed format, as there is a lot on people’s minds at the moment and this webinar series may become a welcome learning option while we are rather isolated. This weekly series also gives people the option to tailor their own learning by picking and choosing the sessions most relevant to their learning needs.”

The webinars will begin on Wednesday May 6 at 10.30am and will run for approximately 10-12 weeks. The first four webinars are listed below:

  • Week 1 – Keynote addresses from Waste 2020 (Wed 6th May)
  • Week 2 – Organics and FOGO (Wed 13 May)
  • Week 3 – Social Enterprise Role in a Circular Economy (Wed 20 May)
  • Week 4 – COAG Panel Discussion (Wed 27 May)

The cost for each weekly session will be $75 for members (WMRR) and $85 for non-members. IEC said that further information on presenters, content and the registration process will follow shortly.

Button also pointed to a quote that came from the survey:

“Keep up the good work. I really value the waste conference and am disappointed like many others that we cannot meet together. However thank you for continuing to work out ways to share information.”