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Inaugural plastics summit will address National Waste Policy

Australia’s first plastics summit opens on Monday March 2, with a specific focus on the progress of the 2018 National Waste Policy Action Plan which has a target of phasing out problematic and unnecessary plastics by 2025. Department of Agriculture, Water and The Environment Minister, Sussan Ley is hosting the Summit at Parliament House in Canberra.

The Summit is bringing together a cross-sector of 200 senior executives from government, industry as well a community sectors. The aim of the Summit is to showcase and identify new solutions to the plastic waste challenge and mobilise further action from governments, industry and non-government organisations.

Some of the main issues that the Summit will raise through its opening panel and roundtables includes:

  • changes from reliance on virgin plastic and the impact on our lands and oceans
  • reduction of single-use plastic and problematic plastic, sustainable product design, product stewardship solutions, waste avoidance and increasing recycled content in plastic products
  • support for households to better manage their plastic needs and waste
  • opportunities to harness technologies for recycling plastic types, plastic material standards, products design solutions and processing solutions
  • improve connectivity of the different stages of the plastic value-chain including collection, sorting and processing and national standards.
  • reduction of plastic marine debris and microplastics beads entering the ocean