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Inside Waste switches to home-compostable packaging

Inside Waste magazine will now be delivered in home-compostable packaging – keeping magazines delivered to you free from damage, while ensuring that people who have access to home composting systems can conveniently dispose of the wrapping.

Previously, our magazine wraps were compostable in industrial composting facilities, but the new packaging allows readers to dispose of the packaging at home.

The new biodegradable packaging is in compliance with the requirements of Australian Standard 5810-2010 issued by the Australasian Bioplastics Association.

It contains no harmful substances and it will not harm plant or animal species.

So when you receive the next edition of Inside Waste magazine (April/May), you can simply compost the wrap at home, or take it to your local community compost point.

We always appreciate feedback on our practices and we thank our readers for continuing to push us to improve our environmental footprint.