Product Profile

ELB Equipment – Dominator

Application: The Dominator de-packaging machine is designed to process municipal waste, kitchen waste, bakery waste, tinned waste, supermarket waste, plastic bottle waste and plasterboard waste.

Features: The Dominator uses a motor to drive a solid steel shaft lined with paddles, using mechanical and centrifugal forces material is de- packaged and forced through a mesh screen. Waste packaging makes its way through the barrel and out through the outlet.


  • Mild steel or stainless steel build design;
  • 22kW to 45kW motor;
  • Various paddles designs available, depending on product being processed;
  • 2m or 3m barrel length;
  • Various screen sizes available depending on customer requirements;
  • Up to 15m3/hr throughput depending on material being processed; and
  • Effluent injection points can be added to the barrel to assist with wet waste.Contact: or 1300 ELB EQU