Method Recycling 20L bin created for small spaces

Method Recycling has introduced the Method Twenty to its product family. It’s a 20L bin designed with the same practical design elements of the 60s; this time with smaller spaces in mind.

The design story of the Method Twenty began when The Office Group (TOG) – a flexible workspace provider based in London approached Method Recycling. They had been drawn to Method’s ethos and product aesthetic, but they also needed a bin solution for the smaller spaces across their locations to complement the 60L bins. It became clear to the Method Recycling team that the modern workplace was continuing to evolve rapidly, and their product family wasn’t serving all space types as well as it could.

The team got the message, they considered it before, and their inhouse design team got to work designing a 20L bin that is just as elegant as the 60L, but designed for sharing in smaller spaces. Method Recycling brought in Nick Leckie to project manage the launch and engaged Lucy Cant from Studio Cassells Design who has helped develop the entire range of Method’s products.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of another product design with Method. Together we seem to be growing from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.” Cant said.

With the help of TOG, Method Recycling began by researching how it could create a smaller bin that complemented and enhanced our existing system; knowing that Method’s core values of visibility, standardisation, and consistency had to be held true at every step. Of course, they also had to be beautiful.

Pete Hemingway, sustainability manager at TOG, said that waste and recycling is an important focus for TOG.

“It’s amazing to have the support of Method, who, in responding to our brief, have helped us to create a design-led and effective recycling solution that we can confidently roll out across our entire office portfolio,” Hemingway said.

Every aspect of Method Twenty has been carefully considered for its purpose. The bin features Method’s patented bag retainer system, a colour-coded lid with clear graphics and Method’s signature style. But all of these features needed to be optimised for the size and use of the bins. With the reduced capacity the proportions of the bins have been adapted to accommodate the different kinds of waste. Such as, the chute was redesigned so the bins are easy to read from above, as of course they sit lower to the ground. As well as an enhanced handle on the back to make emptying the bins easier, which was a lesson learned during our user testing with cleaners. All of which is to say – it’s not as simple as it may seem.

Co-founder and head of product Steven Korner said that the product enhances the Method System, but more than anything it’s exciting to work with organisations such as TOG who are really engaged with their needs and are working to empower workplace communities to make a visible difference.

The Method Twenty is officially launching on February 18 with limited launch stock. Interested people can register their interest here.  ​