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WA recycling charities receive funding to reduce dumping

More than $40,000 has been given to recycling charities in Western Australia to help reduce dumping at charitable recycling sites.

The funding, available through the Charitable Recyclers Dumping Reduction Program, enables research to inform better practices by charitable recyclers. Research findings are circulated through the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations WA.

This funding, announced in mid-January, is the second round and it builds on findings from the first funding round.

The successful applicants are Alinea Inc, in partnership with Good Samaritan Industries; and Anglicare WA.

Alinea Inc received $19,984 to install sensor lighting and optical surveillance equipment at four collection sites in the metropolitan area.

Anglicare WA received $21,875 to purchase and install ten high security donation bins at four sites in the metropolitan area.

WA’s environment minister Stephen Dawson said that illegal dumping and unusable donations are a widespread problem faced by charities.

“This program not only helps reduce illegal dumping and littering through better surveillance and security, but also through ongoing research.

“Charitable recyclers welcome useful and resalable donations and are an example of recycling in action, yet they are often left with the unsightly and expensive problem of disposing of unusable or illegally dumped items at their sites,” Dawson said.

“They also provide critical services across the Western Australian community and it is vital that every dollar they raise is spent on services, not on waste disposal.”

The program assists charitable recyclers that divert used items from landfill and recover them for recycling and reuse.