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Consultation process underway for waste export phase-out

A Council of Australian Governments (COAG) consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) has been released to seek input from industry and interested stakeholders on the options outlined in the consultation RIS.

The purpose of a consultation RIS is to canvass industry and other interested stakeholders views on the regulatory options under consideration to determine the relative costs and benefits of those options

The federal Department of the Environment and Energy released the RIS in early January as it prepares for a final COAG decision in early 2020.

The release if the RIS is required by the COAG Regulation Impact Guidelines. The RIS establishes the problem that governments are seeking to address; it identifies policy options to address the problem; and it examines the costs and benefits of these options in addressing the problem.

On August 9, 2019 at a COAG meeting, Australia’s First Ministers agreed Australia should establish a timetable to ban the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres, while building Australia’s capacity to generate high value recycled commodities and associated demand.

COAG’s agreement reflects increasing concern in Australia and around the world about plastic pollution of oceans and the need to ensure that exports of waste do not cause harm to human health and the environment.

The closing date for submissions is February 12, 2020.