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Latrobe City Council landfill extension approved by Vic EPA

Latrobe City Council has been granted approval for an extension to the Hyland Highway Loy Yang landfill.

Announced in late 2019 by the Victorian EPA, the extension at the municipal site will create four new landfill cells within the premise’s current boundaries. Under the council’s proposal, landfilling will occur up to February 2033, consistent with the council’s planning permission.

The proposed area was previously approved for landfilling, but was reduced at the request of the council. The Loy Yang Landfill is an EPA licensed site.

The EPA assessed the works approval application for potential environmental impacts, such as dust, landfill gas, leachate, odour, litter issues and potential land, surface water and ground water contamination risks. The approval is subject to conditions, including demonstration it is needed in light of government policy and landfill airspace demands at the time prior to the construction of the new landfill cells.

The facility has been operating for 10 years at its current location. It is permitted to dispose putrescible waste, solid inert waste, asbestos of domestic origin, and shredded tyres to be deposited to land and for asbestos of a domestic origin to be stored temporarily on site.

The EPA’s approval allows for:

  • The continued disposal of the same types of wastes currently landfilled in four new landfill cells;
  • 4.56 hectares of additional landfilling within the licenced landfill premises, with an additional 695, 000 cubic metres of airspace; and
  • it allows space for nine years of landfilling (from 2024 to 2033) to bring it commensurate with the planning permit.