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Western Australia’s CDS set to commence in June 2020

Western Australians will have access to a container deposit scheme by June 2020.

Regulations for the CDS program are now complete and the government is ensuring that refund points will be available by mid-year.

The Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (CDS) Amendment Regulations 2019 were published on December 17, detailing the legislative provisions for the scheme’s commencement.

These regulations set out rules for the scheme co-ordinator, participants, refunds, and eligible containers.

Western Australia’s Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said the government is working to deliver a CDS with more refund points per person than any scheme in Australia.

People will receive a 10-cent refund when they return eligible beverage containers to refund points throughout the state. More than 170 refund points will be in place by June 2020, and at least 229 points will be in place by the end of the scheme’s first year.

‘Containers for Change’ now moves into full implementation phase in readiness for June 2, 2020.