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Facility opens in Kwinana to deal with mercury waste

A facility has opened in Western Australia to manage mercury waste in the state.

Announced on December 10, the $10 million mercury treatment facility, BMT Mercury Technology, is located in Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area.

BMT has been treating mercury-contaminated waste for more than 25 years. In January 2019, the company committed to expanding its plant to double its capacity to treat waste in Kwinana.

The facility accepts, stores and treats mercury-contaminated waste from various sources, including Western Australia’s oil and gas industry, preventing waste from being exported for treatment, being left in long-term storage or ending up in landfill.

It can treat 2,000 tonnes a year of mercury-contaminated waste and store up to 400 tonnes of waste at a time.

Western Australia’s Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said that not only does this facility address the state’s priority to manage waste locally, generate jobs and protect the environment, it is also part of our responsibility under global conventions, of which Australia is a signatory.

“BMT’s facility is an example of how Western Australia can manage some of the impacts locally and reduce the risks involved with transporting hazardous materials.

“It also supports our resources industry, and results in better waste management and environmental protection outcomes for Western Australia,” Dawson said.

During construction the plant generated 200 jobs and 10 permanent jobs have been established.