Terminator shreds anything from paper to refrigerator

When shredding material, there are many factors to consider – fuel efficiency, operator and staff safety, variations to the material that can be shredded, throughput and many more.

A low speed, high torque single- shaft shredder that can be used on all types of waste can help alleviate some of the stress of trying to save on costs, while ensuring a job is done well.

National sales manager for Komptech at ELB Equipment Craig Cosgrove said fuel efficiency, production rates and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) are top priorities for businesses in the waste industry at present.

“Obviously noise control and the safety of the operators are important factors. Everyone comes to work expecting to go home in the same condition they arrived,” Cosgrove said.

Noise reduction, and ease of use and control of a machine are just some of the key criteria companies look for when purchasing equipment such as shredders, Cosgrove explained.

“What’s also changed in recent times, is that there is now even higher demand and expectation for quick access to spare parts and after sale services.

“Up time is everything on equipment like shredders – a break- down is one of the worst things that can happen,” Cosgrove said.

As a supplier of Komptech machines, ELB Equipment sells the Terminator Universal shredder, which Cosgrove said meets buyers’ current expectations.

The single-shaft shredder can be used on all types of waste with applications ranging from coarse break-up, to defined shredding through variations in the drum and counter comb system.

It can be used to shred waste wood, mixed construction waste, household waste, residual waste, bulky waste, commercial waste and tougher materials such as tyres, refrigerators and textile waste.

The Terminator has a large feed hopper that is naturally a great advantage for processing bulky waste. Programmable reverse cycles keep throughput high and with the shredding gap open, it can coarsely break up even the toughest materials. The Terminator has armoured teeth and the adjustable shredding gap makes it possible to match the degree of shredding to the downstream processing steps.

While it can shred heavy duty materials, operating costs are kept low with an optional electro- mechanical drive and easily replaceable wear parts.

Cosgrove said customers are increasingly placing importance on spare parts and after sale services to ensure equipment can run as long as possible.

“People want to see improvements in the equipment. They want to see new developments and technology pushing forward in the gear that they are buying.

“Komptech prides itself on being an innovator and pioneer. We are trying to do the best that we can in research and development (R&D) and be at the forefront of our game,” Cosgrove said.

The Terminator features a modern Caterpillar diesel engine, a powerful cooling system for the engine and hydraulics, and load-dependent speed control. For ease of operator use, the Terminator has a simplistic operating console, monitoring by an on-board computer, and a reversing program to adapt to material and for drum self-cleaning.

Komptech also uses Connect – an on-board telematics system that enables owners/operators remote monitoring of the machine.

The hydraulic drum drive with load- dependent speed control develops the maximum shredding force, while preventing stoppages.

The drum can reverse at any time to pull free and get unstuck. If an unshreddable contrary gets into the shredding chamber, the overload protection feature prevents tooth or machine breakage.

Control electronics constantly monitor the operating status and intervene to protect the machine if there is a fault.

Maintenance on the machine can be performed from outside and fold-out platforms provide safe footing to access the various parts of the machine. An overbelt magnet is mounted in a specially designed, steplessly adjustable holder that gives parallel positioning of the magnet over the discharge conveyor regardless of the conveyor slope.

This gives the best possible separation performance in all working positions. Cosgrove said feedback on the Terminator has been positive. “Customers that have purchased the equipment have been very pleased with the results.”

More information on the various mobile and stationary units can be sourced from ELB Equipment.