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More than 2.7b containers returned through NSW’s CDS program

After commencing two years ago, NSW’s container deposit scheme (CDS) has seen more than 2.7 billion containers collected.

The scheme, which celebrated two years in December, now has more than 5 million drink containers returned every day.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment James Griffin said the people of NSW should be commended for their commitment to the scheme.

The state has an impressive current redemption rate of 67 per cent of eligible drink containers supplied into NSW, Griffin said.

“This time last year we were celebrating one billion containers returned on the first anniversary of Return and Earn. The growth of the scheme has seen us knocking on the door of three billion a year later.

“There’s no doubt Return and Earn has been a great success and has fundamentally changed people’s thinking and behaviour around litter,” Griffin said.

The scheme, which has a state-wide network of more than 640 return points. Also allows people to donate their earnings to charity.

Griffins explained that Return and Earn has had a significant impact on charities, schools and community groups – helping 430 official donation partners and countless other groups.

This summer, people can opt to donate their 10c refund to ‘Bottles for the Bush’ and help support fire and drought affected communities.

“Return and Earn was launched with the aim of reducing litter and it’s doing that. Other flow on benefits have been revealed as people find new ways to utilise the fundraising benefits of the scheme it’s inspiring.

“Over $617,000 has been raised for donation partners in the last two years. The scheme has brought on so many positives across communities and every bottle returned is a bottle redirected from landfill and a win for the environment,” Griffin said.