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Yarra community encouraged to improve waste management with confronting installation

A display in Yarra is putting the community’s waste in front of them to make people consider betters ways of managing their waste.

The “this is your waste” installation was placed in Fitzroy North on November 15 for four days to compel people to rethink how much they consume and throw away by forcing them to face their waste head on.

Three transparent cubes filled with 4.8 cubic metres of plastic waste, 4.8 cubic metres of clothing waste, and 2.5 cubic metres of food and general waste were displayed.

The cubes hold waste that was dropped off to Yarra’s waste collection facility, which took just a week to accumulate.

Yarra Mayor Danae Bosler said the community is being asked to be more conscious about consumption and think about how they can reduce the amount of waste they create in the first place.

“It looks like a lot, but it’s just a drop in the ocean compared with the 14.4 thousand tonnes of waste from Yarra’s kerbside collections that go to landfill each year,” Bosler said.

This installation asks questions, prompts discussions and provides information to help residents reduce their waste footprint and learn how to and prevent waste from ending up in landfill, where it produces harmful greenhouse gases.

The average Australian buys 27kg of clothing each year, and of this, 23kg goes to landfill, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“From at-home composting and worm farms, to businesses that have committed to going plastic free, the Yarra community is very proactive when it comes to doing what they can to reduce their waste. But as we face this climate emergency, there’s more we can all do,” Bosler said.

“We’re asking residents to commit to doing what they can to reduce their waste – buy less, get composting, repair your clothes, carry a reusable water bottle – there are a lot of small changes that can make a big difference.”

Residents are encouraged to dispose of waste that can’t be avoided, correctly. They can take items straight to Yarra’s collection facility, which accepts co-mingled recycling, batteries, clothing, soft plastics, styrofoam and electronic waste.