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MWRRG business cases developed for waste and resource recovery hubs

The Metropolitan Waste And Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) has recommended that Victoria includes a water recycling plant, an anaerobic digester and space for private investment opportunities as part of its resource recovery moving forward.

The group, in collaboration with key stakeholders, has identified opportunities – through several business cases – for the establishment of centres that will support Victoria’s transition to a more circular economy.

Business cases focussed on an Inner Metropolitan Sustainability Hub and a Western Waste and Recycling Centre of Excellence.

The Inner Metropolitan Sustainability Hub business case investigates the creation of a sustainability hub in Fishermans Bend. Recommendations include the construction of a water recycling plant, an anaerobic digester, a resource recovery centre, community facilities and additional space for private investment opportunities.

The concept of a sustainability hub to co-locate all essential facilities sees major efficiencies in waste, water and energy use on a much smaller footprint, according to MWRRG.

The second business case presents options and recommendations for a Waste and Recycling Centre of Excellence in the western metropolitan region. The proposed Centre of Excellence is a small, multi-function innovation centre that would support communities, businesses, local government, and tertiary education providers to transition towards a circular economy through practical and scalable services.

This includes activities such as partnering businesses to trade priority waste streams, grant writing assistance, networking events and business workshops, assistance with research and development of circular economy projects, online resources and audits or material flow analyses.

The business cases were completed in October to inform the development of the Victorian government’s Circular Economy Policy.