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CDS eligible containers to be collected in ACT with new app

A new app has been launched in ACT to make the territory’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) more accessible to businesses and residents.

The “Return-It Collect App” can now be used across ACT after trials in Kingston and Gordon proved to be successful.

ACT Minister for Recycling and Waste Reduction Chris Steel said that thousands of Canberrans already embraced the CDS making use of the 21 return points across the territory and this number will now make it even easier.

“This new app provides a method for people who might not have the time or the means to drop off their containers at a return point.

“We want to increase the number of containers deposited and we recognise that getting local business involved and making it easier for them to return large amounts of containers is the most logical way of doing this,” Steel said.

Return-It Collect is a mobile service that allows users to book a collection of eligible beverage containers from their business or home. The containers can be handed over in person or left in a safe place for the driver to collect.

The app operates a similar way to ride sharing services, so users get real-time updates on when the driver will be arriving, when their containers have been collected, and when they’ve been counted. Return-It Collect charge a fee of 4 cents per container to cover the cost of providing the service.

“Having a collection service is a great way for business to return containers without the hassle of their staff driving potentially thousands of containers to the return points each week,” Steel said.

He explained that the new initiative is designed to ensure everyone in the territory can easily return eligible bottles and cans and receive a refund. Residents can choose to keep the refund themselves or donate the refund to Return-It charity partners.

Users can also track their environmental impact in terms of energy and greenhouse gas savings as well as reducing waste to landfill.