A compactor for all environments

Accessibility is key when offering a compactor to the market that can cater to urban, regional and remote areas.

For Garwood International, creating a waste transport solution that can be used by any community, regardless of scale, was a necessity. The company’s LitterPact side loading compactor allows waste to be transported by communities undertaking small collection runs.

The LitterPact is ideally suited to parks and gardens, and its light body means it is able to access all roads that a conventional 4WD can.

Garwood International managing director Daniel McHugh said that for remote communities, selecting an appropriate vehicle is really a question of balancing truck size and collection capacity.

“For many of these communities, a return trip to the nearest transfer station, or landfill to empty the truck, can involve several hours of driving and/or several hundred kilometres, so they need to be sure the vehicle has the collection capacity to make the service viable.

“With that in mind, when it came to developing our range of side-loaders, we had our focus squarely on balancing accessibility, collection capacity and operability,” McHugh said.

The Garwood LitterPact body has a simple packing mechanism, operated either by manual or electric controls, which actuate the hydraulic system providing power for bin lifter operation, packing, raising the rear door, ejection of the load and optional high pressure water blaster.

Its range of features make the LitterPact well-suited to not only remote areas, but also high-density areas.

“As Garwood’s side loader is designed to solve accessibility challenges, this unit is particularly preferred by inner city councils with narrow laneways, side streets and cul- de-sacs,” McHugh said.

Garwood’s LitterPact includes a unique “sweep and pack” action with an ejector panel built into the body, designed for the pick-up of general household recyclables and garden waste, he explained.

“The machine doesn’t tip its load; it uses the ejector panel to expel the contents.”

The LitterPact’s additional safety features also make it user friendly. Garwood’s camera layout includes a rear view, driver’s side view, hopper view and then a fourth camera on the lifter, which allows the driver to pick up a bin by viewing it on-screen.

“With our vehicle, operators can do their job by looking at a screen located on the dashboard, which means they can also go back to a single steer cab chassis, but we also offer the option
of a dual steer with the same camera system,” McHugh said.

Garwood International is a Sydney- based manufacturer that also has sales management and aftersales servicing teams based in Victoria and Queensland. Additionally, it has the added backup of its aftermarket service partners based Australia-wide.

The company also has a range of street and footpath sweepers, rear loaders and weigh scales. Garwood International is the Australian and New Zealand authorised distributor of weighing systems from Vehicle Weigh Solutions, and the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Dealers for Schwarze Industries and Boschung Sweepers.

Schwarze sweepers are currently sweeping from Tasmania to Darwin, from Perth to Sydney and most places in between. The Schwarze GS6 is built with a generous six cubic metre stainless steel hopper and is available through Garwood International.

The newest sweeper from the Boschung range – the Urban Sweeper S2 – has a width of only 1150mm and can result in fuel savings of 30 per cent.

In the rear loader range, Garwood International offers the DualPact, which is a split chamber rear loading compactor. It is available in 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 tailgate configurations and body sizes from eight cubic metres up to 22 cubic metres.

For bigger runs, companies can choose the Maxipact, with body sizes ranging from 16-28 cubic metres.

The Maxipact can accept payloads of up to 10 tonnes. It’s best suited to 6×4 chassis configurations. Common applications include hard waste collections and commercial waste runs.

With an extensive range, Garwood International can cater to companies worldwide. The company’s compactors are used widely throughout Australia and have been exported to the UK, China, South Africa, Hong Kong, Mauritius and several Pacific Island nations.