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Litter reporting app launched in Tasmania

Tasmanian residents can now report litter and dumping of waste from their smartphones, tablets and computers.

Announced by the EPA Tasmania on October 1, a new app called Report Rubbish makes it easy for the public to report litter.

Developed by the state government to help reduce littering and dumping in Tasmania, Report Rubbish requests information about the location, quantity and type of rubbish found. Photos of the rubbish can also be uploaded.

The system automatically forwards the report to the relevant authority – such as a local council or state government organisation – alerting them that the rubbish is there.

Data generated through Report Rubbish will help the Tasmanian government better understand littering and dumping hotspots, which will aid in developing targeted litter reduction strategies.

In several weeks a program will also be introduced that will see offenders on Community Corrections Orders clean up litter.

Land managers will be able to ask community corrections within the Department of Justice for the assistance of offenders to help clean up littered sites.

People can also report someone littering in Tasmania by lodging a re​port – similar to other states.

The EPA Victoria states that every year more than 20,000 people are reported for throwing litter out of their vehicle.When a vehicle is reported to have had litter thrown or dropped litter from it, the EPA will issue the owner of the vehicle an infringement notice that relates to the description of the item thrown.

In NSW, if you see someone littering from their vehicle, fines from $250 can be issued.

The NSW EPA states that each year, more than 25,000 tonnes of litter is tossed in the state.

Twenty-four per cent of the litter volumes consists of take away containers and 59 per cent of marine litter in NSW comes from land sources.