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Brisbane joins Love Food Hate Waste movement

Brisbane City Council has joined the international Love Food Hate Waste movement to encourage residents to reduce the amount of food that goes to landfill each year.

The council indicated that food waste makes up 24 per cent on average of the waste in Brisbane household rubbish bins.

In order to reduce this percentage, the council is encouraging people to turn food scraps into food, recycle food scraps and plan meals, among other initiatives.

On average, each Brisbane household sends more than 66kg of food to landfill each year. This adds up to about 80,000 tonnes of food waste each year in Brisbane

Food waste is costing Brisbane households about $40 to $70 per week, about 23 per cent of people throw away unused fruit and vegetables, and 43 per cent throw away produce that is wilted or blemished, according to the Brisbane City Council.

With the help of the international Love Food Hate Waste initiative, the council aims to help people reduce their food waste, with practical tips available on their website.

The council has combined the research and expertise from international and national Love Food Hate Waste groups, with local research, to help educate Brisbane residents on the issue.

The Love Food Hate Waste movement was launched in 2007 by Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) in the UK.

Since its launch, millions of people have responded, reducing food waste across the UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.