Precision and experience achieved with European shredders

In the EU, waste is known as white gold, yet in Australia and many other developed countries, too much waste still gets tipped into landfill, despite having the potential to do so much more.

Waste could be used more frequently for applications such as EfW processes, with the right tools and technologies at hand.

Many people already know that – it’s simply a matter of building those markets, creating demand and making everyone view waste as white gold.

While Lindner sales manager, Gerhard Gamper, didn’t coin the term “white gold”, it is something that he recognises as providing a valuable insight into how the EU views waste.

The EU has taken up opportunities to expand markets such as EfW in order to minimise waste to landfill in a reliable and sustainable way. Lindner manufactures EfW technology, which cements it as go-to company in the sector.

Lindner manufactures the Komet and Power Komet single shaft shredders, which produce a tailor-made solution for pre-defined granulate. Both of these models are extremely powerful and offer energy savings of up to 50 per cent compared to others on the market, which presents significant cost saving opportunities.

With thousands of Lindner machines in operation world-wide, Australia’s burgeoning EfW market can benefit from Lindner’s experience with these technologies.

Gamper said the company, founded in 1948, began making EfW technology more than two decades ago. “The big change was around 25 years ago when we were thinking about how to reduce volume of waste. The aim was also to produce alternative fuels. We always try to be at the forefront of the technology.”

Given restrictions on waste imports in countries such as China and Malaysia, the Australian waste industry is more so than ever looking for near-immediate alternatives to sending waste to landfill and to grow recycling and reuse infrastructure.

“I think for everybody it was good that China stopped the import of waste. It’s our obligation to the world to minimise it,” Gamper said.

In order to bring the latest in EfW technology to Australia at a time where it is entering the EfW market, Lindner has partnered with CSS Equipment, which distributes Lindner’s products in Australia.

CSS Equipment’s Neil Coyle said Lindner’s deep experience across resource recovery is second to none.

“With increased landfill pressure, Australia is moving towards embracing energy from waste, and as they do, companies want to work with technology that is proven, not only overseas but right here in Australia.”

CSS Equipment stocks Lindner’s RDF/SRF/PEF alternative fuel shredders. The Komet single shaft shredder can be used in processing municipal or bulky refuse, industrial or commercial waste, textiles, waste paper or other materials. It is easy-to-use, low maintenance and gives consistent results.

The Komet, which comes in three applications – Komet 1800, 2200 and 2800 (and with high powered versions), and other Lindner shredders are key tools in helping in EfW facilities and in other applications.