Knox Recycling takes delivery of Australia’s first UNTHA XR

The first UNTHA XR shredder is now operational in Melbourne following a 15,000km journey from Austria.

The 37-tonne mobile machine has been shipped to Knox Recycling, a client of waste equipment specialist FOCUS Enviro.

Here, the UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e will handle up to 30 tonnes of commercial, industrial and wood waste per hour, to manufacture the country’s increasingly popular Energy from Waste (EfW) resource – Process Engineered Fuel (PEF).

Previously unable to produce this high-specification fuel with only one machine, the Knox team accompanied FOCUS Enviro on several site visits across Europe, to see the UNTHA shredder in action.

Impressed by the single pass shredding capabilities of this robust technology, FOCUS Enviro then set about configuring a solution that could achieve Knox’s refined <50mm output particle requirements, with ease.

FOCUS Enviro director, Robbie McKernan, said the company has seen what the XR mobil-e is capable of as it has continued to transform the throughputs, fuel quality and energy efficiency of facilities worldwide.

“We’ve therefore worked hard to bring this pioneering UNTHA innovation to Australia, so that it can start to revolutionise how we – as a nation – manufacture PEF,” McKernan said.

Knox owner, Mark Jeffs, said alternative fuel production is becoming increasingly important in Australia.

“As a progressive environmental company we want to be ahead of the curve.

“We acknowledged that by investing in world class PEF production technology, we could produce a high-quality resource, efficiently, and hopefully really drive the market for this crucial energy source,” Jeffs said.

Gary Moore, UNTHA’s director for global business development said Australia is one of the world’s most exciting countries when it comes to EfW potential.

“It’s great to now be a part of it,” he said.