Product Profile

FOCUS Enviro – UNTHA XR mobil-e waste shredder

Application: Able to manufacture PEF in a single pass, this shredder can process commercial and industrial waste, municipal solid waste, waste wood for biomass, bulky and baled waste, hazardous waste, construction and demolition waste, green waste, pulper ropes and more.

Features: Supplied on tracks with an in-built discharge conveyor and overband magnet for metal separation, this mobile shredder features the same world-renowned features as the static technology – foreign object protection, high throughputs, low downtime, energy efficient, easy to maintain, particle homogeneity, low whole life running costs, ergonomic design and in-built safety mechanisms. All of this combines to deliver a high-performance machine for maximum profitability.

Options/Extras: With no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, the XR can be supplied with a range of drive powers, rotor speeds and lengths, cutting configurations, hoppers, auxiliary equipment, inclusive spare and wear parts packages, and more. Flexible finance options are also available.

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