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Tips to reduce use of common kitchen item during Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is well underway with millions of people estimated to take part in the challenge to reduce plastic use. And with this goal, comes the challenge of replacing one common kitchen item – bin liners.

The Plastic Free Foundation has come up with some tips to implement alternatives to bin liners.

The first, which is in line with the waste hierarchy, is to refuse plastic bin liners. That includes reusing plastic bags that have been acquired while shopping as bin liners instead.

For those who choose to line the bin, the Plastic Free Foundation suggests lining it with a few sheets of newspaper or using certified compostable bin liners.

For people who are opting for no bin liner, wrapping unpleasant waste in newspaper before putting it into a ‘naked bin’ can help eliminate unwanted odours.

The foundation also suggests freezing wet scraps in paper or a reusable container until bin day and home composting food scraps.

To lessen the need for bin liners altogether, it is suggested that people reduce as much waste as possible by avoiding plastic packaging, recycling, and composting.

For those who are able to, having some pet chickens could be a good solution too. They’ll eat most food scraps.

The tips are part of the Plastic Free July campaign, which encourages people to think twice about what plastic items are really necessary.

An IPSOS survey revealed that in July 2018, 210 million people took part in the Plastic Free July challenge worldwide.

The survey revealed that Plastic Free July participants reduced their household waste on average by 76kg per household per year, cut their use of recyclables on average by 28kg per household per year and contributed a total saving of 490 million kg of plastic waste each year.